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Company profile

Company Name  Crystal Co., Ltd.

Various industrial materials sales, Various industrial parts sales,
Equipment work,Various maintenance,Environment-related equipment sales,

President      Ryoji Kinoshita, Ph.D.

Establishment  March 2007

Capital      JPY 50,000,000-

Head Office

■Head Office [Map]
Crystal Bldg. 1F, 6-15 Minami-Horikawa-machi, Kaita-cho,
Aki-Gun, Hiroshima 736-0044, Japan
TEL 81-82-822-1336  FAX 81-82-822-1338
head office e-mail

Kansai Branch

■Kansai Branch [Map]
Souther-Bldg Room 502, 1-12-8, Minami-Tsukaguchi-machi,
Amagasaki-City, Hyogo 661-0012, Japan
TEL 81-6-6809-3871  FAX 81-6-6809-3872
Kansai Branch e-mail

Kyusyu Bsiness Office

■Kyusyu Business Office [Map]
2-9-8, Asano, Kitakyusyu, Fukuoka 802-0001, Japan
(Kokura Kousan KMM South Building Room 302)
Fukuoka 802-0001, Japan
TEL 81-93-551-0670  FAX 81-93-482-3367
Kyusyu Bsiness Office e-mail

■Fukuyama Satellite Office
1-24-12, Tsubou-cho, Fukuyama
Hiroshima, 721-0903, Japan
TEL&FAX 81-84-948-1701

The Kure Shinkin Bank
The Hiroshima Shinkin Bank
Hiroshima Bank, Ltd
The Iyo Bank, Ltd
The Saikyou Bank, Ltd

Qualified personnel
Doctor of Business Administration: 1
Registered Management Consultant: 1
The Skill Test in Bookkeeping 2nd Grade : 1 3rd Grade : 2

Hiroshima Pref. Governor’s Construction Permit (G-20)No.34553
Sales of Poison and Deleterious Substance No.H19-3361

Main Customers
Machine and plant associated company : 26
Casting / Forging / Heat-teratment company : 22
Iron and steel associated company : 10
Galvanizing and chemical associated company : 14
Aluminium die casting associated company : 30
Stamping and resin molding associated company : 10
Trading company : 21
Other company : Many serveral companies