Various industrial materials sales, Various industrial parts sales,
Equipment work,Various maintenance,Environment-related equipment sales,

Raw Materials, Various Ferro Alloys, Mineral Product Raw Materials,
Rare Metals, Nickel & Cobalt Alloy Materials, Titanium Alloy Materials,
Aluminum Alloy Materials, and other Alloy Materials,
Thermal Spray Materials (Metal System, Cermet System, Ceramic System)
Thermal Spray Consumables, Cullet, The Grass Powder, Quartz Powder,
Refractories of Alumina, Silica, Zirconia Products,
Canadian Charcoal Materials, Blast Materials (Steel Shot, Alumina etc.),
Alumina Flower & Stucco for Precision Castings (IMERYS),
Analytical Crucible,
Various Thermo-Couples, Consumable Type Thermo-Couples,
Portable Thermometers, CE Cups, CE Meter, White Rust Prevention,
Protecting Material of White Rust for Zinc Plating,
Defoaming Agent, Mold Releasing Agent, Cleaning Agent,
Other Various Industrial Chemicals,
Hardened Steel Rotary Bars and Other Various Cutting Tools etc.

Parts and Equipments
Various Parts for Presses, Heat-Treatment Jig, Former,
Mold Component, Spray Device, Powdery Supply Device,
Core Pin, Electrode,
Various Build-Up Welding & Spraying Costing Device,
Ceramic Core and Wax Injection Machines(Cleaveland Tool and Machine Inc. in USA)
Ceramics lining Parts construction, PVD & CVD Device and Parts,
Alumina Crucible (Blasch in USA) etc.

Constructions and Engineering
Installing & Maintenance of Dust Collectors and Industrial Furnaces
(Vacuum, Roll-over, Heat Treatment and others), Spray Coating Device ,
Various Machine Equipment Installations,
Cooling Water Equipment Installations &, Piping, Boiler Making and Machinings